Just a dream?

As I have posted before, blogging is taking a bit of a back seat as I focus some energy into my passion for supporting social enterprise and sustainable communities.

I have also ‘restrained’ myself as so much of my current thinking around disability fits squarely on the cynical end of my Optimistic Cynic spectrum. I like to be more balanced and recognise the good as well as the bad.

Having managed a disability support organisation, I can relate to the issues and challenges organisations face. No question that they are real and that the organisations themselves would love to be able to eliminate them.

It’s just so damn frustrating…

I don’t think that anyone can really understand how frustrating things can be, even the little things, unless they are at the receiving end of services.

The sad thing is – we are working with a ‘good’ provider. I would hate to think what some other organisations are like.

Being better than the rest shouldn’t mean much. When we talk about ‘satisfied with service’, does this just mean better than nothing or better than worse providers?

Is it just a dream to think that ‘the system’ can change enough to see truly fantastic customer service?



One thought on “Just a dream?

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